Charity is at the core of Jewish ethics.

Thanet and District Reform Synagogue has a longstanding tradition of supporting of charitable causes. We ensure that we support both Jewish and non-jewish charities whether working locally, nationally or internationally.  Locally we have an ongoing relationship with Porchlight and their excellent help with the homeless both nationally and locally. In addition our support for other local organisations such as the Salvation Army have been well established.

Over the High Holy Days we have our yearly Kol Nidre appeal that selects 2 charities to benefit. In addition members give food and shopping for local food banks and the homeless.

There are 2 principles that go a long way to explain the importance of charity to our community: Chesed - loving kindness and Tikun Olam - repair the world.  We believe it is important to share that kindness especially to the vulnerable in our society and also try wherever possible to make positive contributions to do our part in repairing the world.

Thanet and District Reform Synagogue are always looking outwards and are proud to support charity as and where we can both in time and with money.