We see inter-faith work as essential to our existence.

Thanet and District Reform synagogue has a long history of inter-faith work both locally and throughout Kent. We have strong relationships with other faith communities, and particularly in East Kent. Local Imams have joined us in services at the synagogue and Rabbi Cohen has attended services at local mosques. In addition local Christian individuals and groups have attended many services at our synagogue.

Members of our community continue to be involved in inter-faith organisations to ensure the continuing positive relationships between faiths as well as strong levels of understanding and respect.

On Holocaust Memorial Day we are involved in number of inter-faith activities with community and faith leaders from across the spectrum.  Over recent years we have been involved in an Holocaust Memorial Day  inter-faith event at Canterbury Cathedral.  As well as the Dean of the Cathedral and the Canterbury Imam, Rabbi Cohen shared in the taking of the service with many members of TDRS in attendance.

TDRS continues to promote inter-faith work wherever it can and sees itself as central in promoting Jewish faith and culture in that shared and positive inter-faith environment.