Synagogue Building Project

TDRS is embarking on an ambitious and forward-thinking building and education project.

Beginning by renovating and updating the existing building - including a new kitchen and toilet facilities - next, we intend to build an educational annexe to the rear (see pictures above and below) opening out into a newly revitalised garden space. TDRS has been working with the award-winning designer Peter Trill to give the project a modern, environmental, and accessible direction. Peter's designs have been influenced by both our Etz Chaim (Tree of Life) name but also the Klatovy Scroll project. Our Klatovy scrolls remain central to much of our educational work and TDRS are looking at developing this as a part of providing Holocaust education locally. More information about the Klatovy scrolls can be found here.

With a growing presence in the local community and a desire to work further afield, TDRS has established its educational project as vital to its future. Whilst ensuring its growth as a community, the need for modern and accessible educational spaces in an area as deprived as Thanet is greater than ever before. Focusing on Jewish learning and education, the project will likewise prioritise outreach and inter-faith work. TDRS has established firm links with local charities and organisations assisting vulnerable people and is looking to expand this practice, particularly within the arts and cultural sector.

Additionally, TDRS has partnered with Andy James, who possesses a wealth of experience in working on ambitious building and charitable projects. Andy is working with us as our funding advisor and has already established a strong connection with the community.

The project is being administered through a team of four working closely with the synagogue council and other organisations to ensure a positive outcome.

For any further information about the project please feel free to contact us. The project leader Tim Spurrier can be emailed here.