High Holy Days 2020 Arrangements


Arrangements for High Holy Days are currently being made by Rabbi Cohen in conjunction with the synagogue and the Movement for Reform Judaism (MRJ).  With the synagogue remaining shut for the foreseeable future, we have … Read More

Mark Twain on Jews


Mark Twain wrote in Harpers Magazine in 1899 an article entitled Concerning the Jews.  He writes:  “If the statistics are right, the Jews constitute but one percent of the human race. It suggests a nebulous … Read More

Synagogue remains closed due to Covid-19


Although some of the Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted, the synagogue will remain closed.  The synagogue council on advice from Reform Judaism has taken the decision that opening would place attendees at too much risk … Read More

Online Shabbat at TDRS


At Thanet and District Reform Synagogue we have had a wonderful response to the introduction of our online pre-shabbat services. Normally held at 5-45pm on a Friday, we continue to have a great turnout to … Read More

Reform Judaism TV and Online Prayer Books


With all synagogues now closed due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, Reform Judaism has been quick in releasing a number of its prayer books online to ensure we can all have them when attending services.  They … Read More